Rules for Posting Recommendations for RV Repair Facilities

Please read these rules before posting any information either positive or negative about a RV Repair Facility that you have had personal experience with. Also a website link to a RV Service Review Website to Search.
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Rules for Posting Recommendations for RV Repair Facilities

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RULE #1: Provide information about a repair facility only if you have personal knowledge of it.
RULE #2: Both positive and negative comments can be posted but please be careful about using adjectives that are inflammatory. Just state the facts as you know them!
RULE #3: Identify the RV Repair Facility completely by name, address, city & state location.
RULE #4: The author of the post must identify themselves by full name and either their phone number or E-mail address so that others browsing your post can contact you by phone, e-mail or PM (Private Mail) for further information or questions about your post. Failure to do this may result in you post being deleted by the bfadmin (Forum Administrator).
RULE #5: Anyone reading a post about a RV Repair Facility that has a question that would not be of interest to others browsing this forum are asked to contact the author directly using one of the three methods listed in RULE #4 above rather than asking the question by posting it.

Authors are encouraged to later edit their posts with new and/or changed information as a result of questions sent to them by others.

Below is a link to reviews of RV Service Facilities that you can search by state:
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