Replacement Dual 30/20 amp Circuit Breaker

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Replacement Dual 30/20 amp Circuit Breaker

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The dual 30/20 amp circuit breaker is the left most breaker in the Parallax 7345 Power Panel. It protects the 115 vac power coming into the coach and is a common failure. The failure mode is that the breaker will over-heat creating a burned plastic smell and then the breaker will trip. Touching the plastic case of the breaker after it trips will show it to be very hot. This breaker is not real easy to replace. A discussion of replacing this breaker with new can be read by clicking on the following link: ... f=4&t=6991

Three replacement breakers are listed below.

Siemens P/N Q3020
Square D P/N HOMT3020CP
Eaton Cutler Hammer P/N BR3020
Bill Hemme - Spencer, Iowa
2002 Born Free (Ford E-450 V10) 26' RSB
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