Adding Images, Photos or Documents to your Post

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Adding Images, Photos or Documents to your Post

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Images and photos in the following formats may be attached to your post:
  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
Documents in the following formats may be attached to your post:
  • pdf
For this forum to accept any of these files, the filetype extension must be part of the file name.

Forum rules impose the following limits on attachments:
  • The maximum number of attachments to a given post is 3.
  • Each of these attachments must be smaller than 2.0 MB.
A good image size is a maximum of 720 px wide. Reduce the size of any image or photo to this size using the program of your choice. If you don't have photo editing software on your computer, here are two online options: If you want to add shapes or arrows to your images, resize the image first, then add the shape or arrow.

Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club members needing assistance posting photos and/or document attachments should contact a website administrator at for help.

The website administrator may either delete or reformat any excessively wide photos. Please help the website administrator by reducing large width photos before posting them.

To illustrate the impact of image size in a post, here are copies of the same image saved in different sizes. The original was taken in 16x9 format, is 4000x2248px, and 1.3 MB in size.

39 kB

73 kB

131 kB

436 kB
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