Registration Process Overview

Please read this helpful information before attempting to register!
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Registration Process Overview

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Please note the following important points:
  • Born Free motorcoach owners and others interested in Born Free RV ownership are encouraged to register.
  • Only persons with a legitimate interest in Born Free motorcoach use and ownership are permitted to register.
  • If you do not intend to post on this forum or email the author of a post, then there is no need for you to register and it is encouraged that you do not register.
Registering on this discussion forum does not make you a member of the Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club.
A membership application form can be downloaded from the Club Membership Application/Renewal Information topic.

Click the Registration Steps topic for step-by-step instructions to begin the registration process. If you can't see the images in the post, please contact the administrator at

When you submit your registration request, an email is sent to the administrator who will review your request and take one of the following actions:
  • Activate your registration.
  • Deny it without comment.
  • Send you an email asking for more information.
A registration application will be denied for the following reasons:
  • The registration is not completed according to the Registration Steps.
  • The registration appears to have been created by a spam bot.
  • The website administrator feels that the registration request does not present a legitimate interest in Born Free motorcoach use and ownership.
Due to the volunteer status of the administrator, a delay of a few days may occur before your registration is reviewed and activated. If you have not received a confirmation or denial email within a week, please check your Junk Mail and/or Spam email folders for any communication from the administrator. emails can come from any of the following email addresses:;;; If you have received no emails, then please email the administrator at and inquire as to the status of your request.

While waiting for approval you may continue to access all of the forums and topics in this bulletin board. Also, be sure to check your Junk Mail and/or Spam email folders for any communications from the Born Free RV Club.

If your request is approved, you will receive an email to that effect. Return here and click the User Control Panel Configuration Steps topic for step-by-step instructions on how to configure your User Control Panel.

WARNING! If anyone posts inappropriate material on this forum including, but not limited to, pornographic content, drugs, and etc., those posts will be deleted, the poster's registration will be deleted, and the poster will be banned from re-registering on this forum.

NOTE: At the discretion of the website administrator, anyone who has not posted on the forum within the last 5 years may have his/her registration deleted.

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