Defective 30/20 amp input power circuit breaker

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Defective 30/20 amp input power circuit breaker

Post by whemme »

I just had to replace the 30/20 amp dual power input circuit breaker in my 2002 26’ RSB coach now for the 2nd time. The evidence of its pending failure is that this particular breaker starts tripping when the current load is way below the 30 amp rating such as when only running the air conditioner and no other significant loads. The other hint that the breaker is starting to fail is that it is hot when touching the breaker body with your finger.

Anyone else have to replace this breaker?

By the way this particular breaker is not so easy to replace. This due to the fact that 30 amp output and the 20 amp output each attached to separate leads that must be unscrewed to release and generally requires that you lay on the floor looking upwards to accomplish.
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Re: Defective 30/20 amp input power circuit breaker

Post by daryl&mary »

Sounds like the replacement was a pain. Why is it these "simple"jobs end up not being so simple :D

Now to be serious. As an EE, I've seen breakers fail as they age. Even had a 20 Amp breaker recently fail the same way at home. It got progressively worse in the AZ summer heat (no surprise - they are thermal devices) so I finally replaced it. Fortunately pretty easy.

The breaker was 40 years old. Hopefully your 2002 breaker will last another 20 years.

Thanks for sharing all your advice and experiences over the years. I've found it all very useful. All the best...
Daryl & Mary
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