Nitrogen in tires?

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stuart noland
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Nitrogen in tires?

Post by stuart noland »

My auto shop has started adding nitrogen to tires($20 per tire) and has had great response from those who have done this. With what I've read sounds like a good addition to my Born-Free. Has any one done this or have comments??
stuart noland
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Post by bcope01 »

What is the benefit of adding nitrogen to the tires?

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When I purchased new tires from Costco a few months ago, they also use nitrogen...I was concerned about the merits & was told the tires run cooler. They also told me that adding regular air after their initial use of nitrogen was okay...Don't know if this helps. I notice no difference in my ride other than how nice it is to have new tires.....Oh yes...they didn't charge me anything extra...
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Mike & Jean Bandfield
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Nitrogen in tires?

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We've discussed this to some degree. Check out:
Personally, I think it is a waste of your good money. $120 to inflate your tires is way past the the point of a useful return on your investment in my opinion. (For your Ferrari - OK. You obviously got money to burn :wink: )

I also have a theory that it could even be dangerous. One reason nitrogen is used in aircraft, racing and special applications is due to its stability in heat. The inflation tables used for your truck tires assume a heat expansion factor of 10%+ for air. Those using nitrogen who don't compensate could be unwittingly creating a premature failure situation thru their well intended act. (I'd like to find more info on the subject.)

Then there is the nuisance factor. Costco put nitrogen in my pick-up tires. I'm always adjusting the pressure for load in the pick-up, and in the Born Free to a lesser degree, depending on load. Costco is 70 miles away and there's no nitrogen in our town. And, where would you find nitrogen when traveling? I think you get the point.

'Just one man's point of view.

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Randy Wilson
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Post by Randy Wilson »

Although it is frequently stated that nitrogen won't change pressure as much as air, that is erroneous, given the same temparature change. Nitrogen expands the same as air as it follows the same physical laws as all gases. Anyway, air is about 80 percent nitrogen.
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Post by Dave&JanPotter »

Here is my reply to an earlier post on this.

For passenger cars and light trucks, it is overkill and not necessary in the least. Costco is using it to attract business, but you will never see the difference. It is used in aircraft and racing applications where the expansion and contraction of the inflating gas must be accurately predicted/controlled under different temperature conditions. Air on the other hand has some moisture present in it and it is this varying amount of moisture that makes calculating its properties difficult as the amount of moisture is not constant from one area to the other. As for compatibility, air is about three quarters nitrogen so there is no incompatibility issue. If Costco is putting it in for free, its fine to use but you should have no qualms about topping up the tire with good old air anywhere in the country nor is there a need for anyone to pay to fill their RV tires with nitrogen. They will never see the difference that it makes.
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