Rules for Posting Recommendations for RV Resorts/Campgrounds

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Rules for Posting Recommendations for RV Resorts/Campgrounds

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This forum has not received a lot of use in recent years so we are considering eliminating it. In the meantime, only posts created within the last five years will be retained. If you have any feedback regarding this move, please email bfadmin@bornfreervclub.og. Thank you.

There are RV campground rating platforms that are much broader than the Born Free community. We recommend that you use those platforms, and contribute to them. Here are a couple:  

If you found a park particularly enjoyable or not, consider commenting about it here. Here are the rules for posting a review:
  1. Provide information about a location only if you have personal knowledge of it.
  2. Both positive and negative comments can be posted but please be careful about using adjectives that are inflammatory. Just state the facts as you know them!
  3. Identify the RV Resort/Campground by address, city and state. Add a phone number, e-mail address, and website, if known.
  4. Identify yourself by full name and either your phone number or E-mail address so that others browsing your post can contact you for further information or questions. Failure to do this may result in your post being deleted by the website administrator.
  5. If you have a question about an RV Resort or Campground post that would not be of interest to others browsing the topic, please contact the author directly rather than posting the question on this forum.
  6. Please edit your posts with new and/or changed information as a result of questions sent to you.
  7. Posts older than five years will be deleted.
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