2018 Ohio Lake Erie Shores & Island Rally Recap #2(June 4-8)

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2018 Ohio Lake Erie Shores & Island Rally Recap #2(June 4-8)

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                                                                                Ohio Lake Erie Shores and Island Rally Wrap-Up
                                                                              By Gary Gulbranson

The huge success of this rally was a direct result of Ron and Mary Bash’s detailed planning and thoughtfulness. The planned itinerary and tours gave us a sense of history and place. Details were all-inclusive from the restaurant recommendations to the welcome bag including brochures on happenings in the Port Clinton area and the campsite lighthouse markers prepared by Mary (an appropriate rally remembrance).

On Monday afternoon, the rally “kickoff” included local wines, cheeses, crackers, other hors d’oeuvres, and the typical tasty Leap’n Lions potluck (always much variety and more than enough). Each day started with breakfast including Mary’s homemade breads and pastries from local bakeries. Great start to each day.

The trip and tour of Put-in-Bay Island was a lesson in the history of the War of 1812 (the “forgotten war”). The presentation at the Victory and International Peace Memorial provided more clarity about the role of the Lake Erie battles than we ever got from our history books.

The Rutherford B. Hayes museum and home were beautiful and informative. Reviewing topics that were highlighted in 1877 and relating them to 2018 show nothing much is new. (The1877 election of our 19th president concerned “electoral college and immigration” as in 2018?)

Touring of the lighthouses was revealing. Designs ranged from the typical tall and cylindrical kind found on the Atlantic coast to squat and wooden designs like those at the entrance to Port Clinton harbor.

The Liberty Airplane Trimotor Museum was an unexpected bonus. The World War vintage planes were beautiful and all flyable. The Ford Trimotor restoration in progress and the video of flights to and from Put-in-Bay vividly depicted how dependent the islanders were on the reliable trimotor.

Most rallies have an unexpected surprise, and we had two.

Sitting around the campfire, fluffernutters were brought up. Jack Maxy asked, “What is a fluffernutter?” The Boleys made one for Jack (a sandwich of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff). Jack is now hooked, and we’ve heard that he is searching Lubbock, Texas, for fluff.

As always, “Oh, Hell” card games were being played. Jim Birdsell wants everyone to know that in a 13-hand game he had 13 perfect bids—a miracle for him since prior performances haven’t been great.

Thanks again to Mary and Ron for this wonderful gathering and for sharing the history and opportunities in their area.

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