2017 Alaska Caravan - map and weeks 1 & 2

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2017 Alaska Caravan - map and weeks 1 & 2

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Here are notes from this summer's caravan to Alaska, led by Bob Newby. The caravan proper was 32 days long, so there are a lot of notes. To make it more digestible, I've broken them into week-long segments.

There were six coaches in the caravan and we broke into three groups while driving. Throughout the notes you will see references to the groups as follows:
• Bobs group
o Bob Newby & Brandon Newby (San Luis Obispo, CA)
o Bob & Janet Ryan (Grinnell, IA)
• BJ3 group
o Beth & Jack Fleming (Kirkland, WA)
o Jim & Jeanie Barta (San Diego, CA)
• SDA group
o Sue Chen (San Leandro, CA) & Leon (canine co-pilot)
o Ann & Dave Moffat (Verona, WI) & Xena (canine co-pilot)

The trip map is shown in the first attachment. We traveled 4200 miles as a caravan.

Notes for the first two weeks are attached to this post. Notes for weeks 3-5 are attached to the second post.
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Caravan daily notes - week 1.pdf
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