2017 FMCA Lakeland, FL SEA Rally Recap

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2017 FMCA Lakeland, FL SEA Rally Recap

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Before caravanning into the 2017 FMCA SEA Lakeland rally, 21 Coaches met at a Publix Shopping center. Strange, we only had 20 coaches and 36 people on the roster. Turns out 1 lady with a Born Free coach got lost on her way to volunteer at the rally. She followed another coach thinking it was going to the rally and wound up at our rendezvous. She wasn’t part of our rally within a rally.

We finally arrived at our parking spot at Sun’N Fun and were pleasantly surprised at our proximity to facilities and events at the rally. Sun’N Fun is a unique venue dedicated to enhancing the future of flight by inspiring and educating people of all ages. The grounds include The Florida Air Museum, an aviation magnet high school where students can earn a pilot’s license free of charge, summer aviation camps and events year round that draw thousands of folks to the property. This was the first time that FMCA had utilized the property for the SEA rally and it is a great location.

That night we all gathered about 4 o’clock to enjoy some delicious appetizers and each other’s company. Pot Luck Dinner was served with Eric’s “Roast Beast” again being in the spotlight. We were joined by a representative from RV World of Lakeland, the local dealer for Born Free in Florida. Later that night we enjoyed a show featuring the McMillian Family. The next day it was off to see the exhibitors and join in some seminars. Friday night’s entertainment was country singer, Kenny Evans.

Of course there were a lot of other social activities put on by FMCA, the Ladies Luncheon and ROMEO (retired old men eating out) an ice cream social, a box lunch with music on the green to name a few. One of our attendees even won one of the biggest prizes at ROMEO, a 3 night stay at an exclusive RV resort. Only problem was that they only allow a minimum 32 foot class A coach no more than 15 yrs old. As great as the Born Free coaches are we certainly are not class A’s.

Saturday the majority of the group went on the “Dean Preston Strawberry Shortcake Run”. Dean is known for his deep appreciation of the Parkesdale Farm Markets products. It is located in Plant City, not far from the rally. Saturday afternoon we got the opportunity to taste the strawberry shortcake at the market and it is outstanding. Belatedly we were advised by Dean that the best way to order the strawberry shortcake was to ask them to leave out the shortcake. That way you get a lot more strawberries in the bowl. Now we know for next year. Plant City, FL is the epicenter of winter strawberry production on the east coast and February is the beginning of the season. That night the entertainment was Sunday Drive. A unique group of musicians who played music from the 50’s and 60’s and kept us laughing all evening.

Sunday many of the group left for home and those that stayed got to attend one of the largest Super Bowl parties that you can imagine. Hangar A was jumping from the supporters of both teams. Monday was time to go and we will see y’all back at Sun’N Fun, next spring.

Joel and Sandy Lefkowitz and Eric and Sue Sandstrom once again hosted this event and it is reported that they are looking for someone to host it next year. It is the perfect event for a first time host. Just about all the work is in promoting and registering people to come to the rally. FMCA does all the hard work finding things for people to do.

Please click on the following link to view 15 photos of this rally: https://goo.gl/photos/TFdXVd2cQbCxLshh7

Submitted by Joel Lefkowitz

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