2016 Trinidad Bay Rally Recap

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2016 Trinidad Bay Rally Recap

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                                                                                             Trinidad Bay Rally Recap
                                                                                                  October 10-14, 2016
                                                                           Attended by 23 people in 10 coaches and 1 cabin

On Monday we started arriving at the Emerald Forest Campground for our rally and spent time greeting old friends and new faces. There were stories to share and jokes to tell as well as plans to be made for ride sharing to our various events. There were also discussions about things to do during the rainy day that was forecast for Thursday. We had beautiful surroundings with a LOT of big trees! It really was an emerald forest!

Our meal on Monday evening was held in the campground’s Celebration Hall. Everyone brought heavy appetizers to share, and the evening was enjoyed by all.

We headed out on Tuesday morning to meet our guide at Patrick’s Point State Park. Nancy Jo took us through a Yurok village that had been re-created by Yurok Indians so a part of their history could be shared with visitors to the park. She also pointed out the amazing amount of plant life around us.

The afternoon was spent browsing through Trinidad shops, enjoying food from various cafes in town, and tasting wine at the Bergeron Winery tasting room.

Back at camp for the evening, some folks spent more time visiting with each other, and some called it a day and went to their coach early.

Wednesday morning we had a slow paced start to the day. Some went out to breakfast, others stayed in camp and walked their dogs. In the afternoon we gathered for our ride to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

After our quick hike through the Sanctuary we were off for some really good food at the Samoa Cookhouse. Here we enjoyed the type of meal that this cookhouse served to loggers in the past, and afterward we spent some time exploring the logging museum located adjacent to the cookhouse.

Thursday was a free day, with no planned activities until our dinner in the Celebration Hall. Many went into Eureka to visit the Blue Ox, a museum and learning center focused on many kinds of building and decorating projects. Others went back to Patrick’s Point State Park, and some chose to spend time in the Celebration Hall with those who stayed in camp for the afternoon. We were all speculating about the incoming storm.

In the evening we were back at the Hall for wonderful music provided by Blue Lotus Jazz and a great dinner prepared by Brett Shuler. After dinner and music, Phyllis Howard gave us some updated information about the National Rally to be held in Newport Beach in April 2017, and the October 2017 rally to be held in the Buellton/Solvang area. Then Ed Goering spoke for a bit about an upcoming gathering in Anacortes in September 2017. These events sounded like a lot of fun, and many of the campers were already planning to attend. We had such a good time that we really didn’t care that it was raining outside until the evening was over and we had to walk back to our coaches.

After a night of pouring rain and strong winds, Friday morning saw a break in the weather that made it possible to break camp easily. We said our goodbyes and all look forward to seeing each other again in Newport Beach, Solvang, Anacortes, or somewhere else down the road.

By Connie Grebe, 10/20/2016

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