2016 Annual Migration of the Sandhill Cranes Rally

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2016 Annual Migration of the Sandhill Cranes Rally

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On Wednesday, March 30, twelve Born Free motorcoachs gathered at Windmill State Recreation Area in Gibbon. After meeting and greeting we ali left for Meier's Ballroom in Gibbon for a Wine and Cheese get together.

On Thursday after a breakfast at the Ballroom we left for Kearney (approximately 11 mites) to visit the Archway. This is a structure built across Interstate-80 mat recaptures the site where the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, California Trail and Pony Express all crossed Nebraska. It is an educational tour with exhibits done by Disney that capture all the struggles of the early travelers across this part of the country. It has a lot of historical information and beautiful displays as you go through on one level and come back on the next level which all crosses the interstate.

After leaving the Arch we got back on the shuttle to head into Kearney for a lovely lunch at the Peterson Senior Center. From there we went south across the river, on our return to the Campground, to observe the very large number of cranes in the fields south of Kearney. We had some time to relax a while before we bundled up for the short drive to Rowe Sanctuary to view the Sandhill Cranes coming into the Platte River tor their evening stay. Arriving at the Sanctuary early we were able to view some movies on the cranes and get some education on these wonderful birds. We also enjoyed a box lunch before heading out to the blinds to observe the featured event. They come in every evening to rest and go out early every morning to feast in the cornfields and build up their stamina for the long trip north. There annual stay is about six weeks and it is estimated that approximately 500,000 come through each year. It was truly an AWESOME sight! They fly back and forth across the river and finally start landing and filling up the river sandbars from one end to the other. Everyone was in awe at the huge numbers of cranes that keep coming and coming and how close they actually do get to the blinds as we watch them arrive.

Friday morning after our continental breakfast at the Ballroom, we again headed to Kearney to check out the Classic Car Collection, with its amazing vehicles. They have 200 cars which include a DeLorean, several Rolls-Royce, Evel Knievel's Pickup, some most people have never seen before and some that are one-of-a-kind. Then next door to Cabela's and off again to lunch at the Senior Center. After lunch we took a tour of the Museum Of Nebraska Art (MONA) and Cookbooks at Morris Press. Cookbooks is an international company that prints cookbooks all over the world. In their gift shop you can purchase cookbooks, recipe cards, etc. Everyone who visits also receives a free cookbook. One of our group found a cookbook that had been printed for her church in another state a few years ago. We also included a short tour of the City of Kearney on this afternoon.

Friday morning was again breakfast at Meier's Ballroom and saying our goodbyes until we meet again!

Submitted by: Bill and Rosella Meier

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