2015 Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club Biennial National Rally

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2015 Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club Biennial National Rally

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                    2015 Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club Biennial National Rally Recap
                                                             (September 14 – 18)

Ninety members of the Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club came in 46 coaches from 23 states and the District of Columbia to Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, Maryland to attend the 2015 Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club Biennial National Rally. Along with holding the biennial business meeting club members enjoyed: delightful food and good weather, wonderful sightseeing trips to the Washington DC area, a special and entertaining benefit auction, a benefit raffle and great fellowship. The rally was superbly hosted by Jerry and Mary Breu.

Monday at check-in we were given a placard on which our name and town was placed for posting in the front window of each coach. This great idea made it very easy to identify club members as we walked around the RV campground to socialize. Later in the afternoon we all met in the Conference Center Ballroom where our very gracious rally hosts Jerry and Mary Breu gave an overview and update of their well-planned agenda for the duration of the rally. President Dean Preston also addressed club members. Wine, cheese and snacks were provided.

Tuesday morning we had a delicious catered breakfast of hot oatmeal (with a selection of toppings of raisons, brown sugar, cinnamon, homemade granola), yogurt, mini muffins, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. After breakfast we boarded busses to Washington DC for a pre-planned guided tour of the Capitol Building and to see the Vietnam, World War II and Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Lunch was on our own. In the evening we attended a benefit auction in the Ball Room with our own George Boley as auctioneer. The auction raised over $1,300 (with a few outstanding pledges yet to be included) for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children – great job George.

Wednesday morning, after a delightful catered breakfast, President Dean Preston chaired the club’s biennial business meeting with Ramona Birdsell taking minutes. President Dean recognized all club officers for the great job they are doing. Highlights of the meeting may be summarized as follows: 8 of 11 executive board members are continuing for another 2 year term, Charles and Helen Hathaway are replacing outgoing Bruce and Judy Gregory as VP-NE Region, and the position of Rally/Caravan Coordinator and the position of VP-SE Region previously held by Ron and Bobbie Warmbier and Bill and Mary Lyon respectively are both now open for replacement. We are very appreciative of the contributions these outgoing officers have made to the well-being of the club. They have all done a wonderful job. However, replacements for the open positions of Rally/Caravan Coordinator and VP-SE Region are needed.

That afternoon Mary Breu gave a very informative presentation on WWII events as they happened in Alaska. After the presentation Mary answered questions on her book titled Last Letters from Attu the true story of the struggles of her great aunt Etta Jones as an Alaska pioneer and as a Japanese prisoner of war during World War II.

In the evening we had a delicious catered dinner in the Ballroom of BBQ pulled pork, Caesar salad, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, coffee and tea and desert. After dinner Mel Wilbur oversaw the raffle drawing which netted approximately $630 for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Raffle winners Jack Maxy and Eric Sandstrom walked off with some great prizes. Later we were entertained by a DJ and the music was great. Several members made good use of the dance floor including Bill and Rosella Meier and Ron and Bobbie Warmbier - you guys are good.

Thursday we had a wonderful catered breakfast of bagels & cream cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea. Then it was off to the Arlington National Cemetery with stops at the Kennedy Grave Site and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. After lunch we visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Friday morning we had a tasty catered breakfast of donut holes, fruit, juice and coffee. After breakfast we expressed our appreciation to hosts Jerry and Mary Breu for a terrific rally, said our good byes and wished each other safe travels. Then with the close of the rally it was either homeward bound or on to our next adventure in the safety of our Born Free motor coaches.

Very special thanks to:
Jerry and Mary Breu for an absolutely outstanding job hosting the rally
Ron Warmbier, Jim Birdsell and Charley Hathaway for first-class shuttle service with golf carts
George Boley for his terrific auctioneering to raise funds for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children
Mel Wilbur for the exceptional raffle to benefit the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children
Everyone who contributed to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children which ultimately netted $2,200

Submitted by: Dee Dee and Nick McClain

Nick and Dee Dee McClain have a total portfolio of 191 photos taken on this caravan. You can access these photos by clicking on the following website link: http://www.nd.themcclainfam.com
Then when asked, use the following password to access the photos: llrv. Then click on the photo box above identification text - 2015 Biennial National Rally – BF Leap’n Lions RV Club. You will then be able to click on and view each of photos posted there.

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