2014 South Central Region Rally Recap

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2014 South Central Region Rally Recap

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Recap of the “2014 South Central Region Rally” hosted by SC Region Vice-President Bill & Mary Lyon June 17-21 in Shawnee, Oklahoma (held at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center).

Tuesday we were greeted at the reception by the always warm and gracious Bill and Mary Lyon where we enjoyed a variety of wonderful hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Expert craftswomen Mary gave out hand quilted microwave oven bowl holders and packages of delicious Oklahoma pecan nuts harvested from their very own trees at home. Bill presented an overview of what attractions we were to see over the next few days and explained that we would be touring in three large vans operated by several of our own highly skilled motor coach drivers. There were 41 club members arriving in 21 Born Free Coaches and from 16 different states. This included 6 club officers with President Dean and Jan Preston in attendance.

Wednesday everyone was up bright and early and after breakfast we headed out for a tour of Shawnee. Bill and Mary acted as our tour guides (as they did throughout the rally) pointing out various notable land marks and buildings in their home town. Around mid-morning we stopped and toured the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art on the Campus of St. Gregory’s University, Shawnee. There we had an excellent and vivacious tour guide give us some inside information on several pieces of art work, an Egyptian mummy and a suit of armor from the Middle Ages. Next we continued the tour of Shawnee and went to the local Farmers Market where many of us bought fresh vegetables to supplement food supplies in our coaches. Later in the day Linda Capps, Vice Chairman of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation gave a presentation on all the good things the Nation’s leaders are doing to improve the economic and social condition of their people. In the evening we were all treated to some great food at the Benedict Street Market Place. After dinner it was off to Braun’s a local ice-cream establishment for desert. The ice-cream cones, shakes and sundaes were wonderful.

Thursday after our usual delicious continental breakfast provided by Bill and Mary, we motored in the vans to Norman, Oklahoma for a tour of the National Weather Center. There a very knowledgeable guide gave us an excellent tour of the center’s operational areas and explained that its main purpose is to study and forecast severe weather. Next we went to the Sam Noble Museum at the University of Oklahoma where we saw life size skeletal remains of large prehistoric animals and numerous life size figures of other animals, birds and reptiles from many years ago. Then it was off to a great lunch at the Golden Corral. Later that evening we had good fellowship and delicious snacks at the happy hour in the Conference Center and then motored over to see Bill’s classic car collection – he has some fine looking cars.

Friday it was off to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. This is a wonderful and very large museum that tells the story of the old west through stunning works of art and sculptures. There we had free reign to see the areas of our own interest. Lunch was a great buffet in the museum’s restaurant - Dinning on Persimmon Hill. Then we went to the Oklahoma National City Memorial where the tour guide gave and excellent and moving explanation of the memorial’s design and told the story of the Survivor Tree. Later that evening we had a very delicious catered buffet dinner consisting of chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans and salad. This dinner was funded by our much appreciated Born Free partners in Humboldt, Iowa.

Saturday morning after breakfast it was time to close out the rally and for everyone to give a heartfelt thanks to Bill and Mary for hosting the rally. Then it was time to wish each other safe travels as everyone departed to journey on to their next destination in the comfort and safety of their Born Free Motor Coaches.

In summary this was another superbly planned and executed rally by hosts extraordinaire Bill and Mary Lyon with good food, great fellowship and an itinerary second to none. Bill and Mary’s home town of Shawnee was a wonderful place to hold the rally with its small town atmosphere, world class museums and other attractions.

Nick and Dee Dee McClain reporting from Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Nick and Dee Dee McClain also have a total portfolio of 127 photos taken at this rally. You can access these photos by clicking on the following website link: http://www.nd.themcclainfam.com. Then when asked, use the following password to access the photos: llrv. Then click on the photo on the left side above the identification text - 2014 SC Region Rally - BF Leap' Lion. You will then be able to click on and view each of 127 photos posted there.

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