2014 FMCA Brooksville, FL SEA Rally Recap

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2014 FMCA Brooksville, FL SEA Rally Recap

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Event: 2014 FMCA Brooksville, FL SEA Rally - Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2014

Brooksville, Florida January 29, 2014
We circled our wagons (7) at  noon on the Brooksville, Publix parking lot to meet old and new friends. The weather was typical for the Brooksville rally windy cold and rainy, but we were looking forward to a good time. After taking roll call we were one coach short and with a phone call to the Pippin's home we discovered they had been involved in an accident on the way to the rally. This happened on Interstate 75 and totaled the Born Free, it was fortunate that either of them was seriously injured.

We then gathered in a new and different parking space on the airport grounds which was much more convenient to the rally functions. But we soon discovered that the weather was not going to cooperate so we  decided to post pone the pot luck and head for a warm dry restaurant where we all sat around a long table and enjoyed a nice dinner and socialization. We did manage the next day to have our pot luck in a building(B) complete with kitchen and lots of good food and it was still rainy and cold out side we all used heat in our coaches that night.

The next day saw much of the same weather as we all visited the vendor tents and several seminars an in the afternoon it cleared and we had a nice afternoon gathering  outside for pot luck left overs and finger food. We were very happy to have our friend Max and family to share food and stories together. In the evening we attended the FMCA movie Captain Phillips everyone enjoyed.

We all had a good time visiting  inside each others coaches to stay warm and dry and the last day it was sunny and warm as we bid farewell.

FMCA is moving the rally to Sarasota Florida next year so it was rather sad to part with an old friend (Brooksville Airport)  a place we have called home for several years with Logan and Andy as rally host, that said we all bid goodbye and look forward to next year.  

Submitted by: LeRoy and Lois Molsbee

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