2014 Florida Treasure Coast Rally Recap

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2014 Florida Treasure Coast Rally Recap

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Well, Joel & Sandy have done it again, Their second "annual" rally was a great success. Their vendors threw them some challenging curves at the 11th hour, but they handled them with grace and creativity; most of the rally participants didn't even know we were maneuvering speed bumps. That's what is great about our Born Free group, the only thing we demand is knowing when and where the next rally is. In spite of their trials, Joel & Sandy were rewarded by selling their coach at the rally. They now look forward to picking up their new one at the factory in June.

We started out by gathering at the renowned Marsh Landing eatery in Fellsmere. It was built in 1926 and retains most of its original features after being restored in 1995. It has become the local hangout of catch-can musicians who play for their supper. They were great, as was the food. The next day we were off to the Navy Seal Museum at Fort Pierce. It was started by the very band of brothers that it honors. Even though they are a National museum, they accept no funds from the same government they so valiantly served. We owe these super, and I might add unobtrusive, heroes our gratitude for their unimaginable deeds and patriotism.

That evening we prepared to dig into one of our famous pot luck suppers, but not before the "blessing of the fleet" was conducted by Bud Cox. Apparently some time was put into its preparation because it was memorable. Thank you, Bud. After supper Jim Birdsell challenged the band of eight to a game of "oh hell". Yup, the same card game we darn near got kicked off the Newfoundland Ferry for playing. We tend to roar, like any respectable Leap'n Lion would do.

One morning Joel & Sandy cooked us eggs in a bag. Well I have had "pigs in a blanket", "hush puppies" and "corn dogs", but I have never in all my days, had eggs in a bag.------- Unless of course, I was taking out the garbage. The recipe is simple, you crack two eggs in a plastic baggy, mix in unspeakable ingredients, shake and cook in a lobster pot. Bring the water to a boil at exactly 212 degrees (ponder), cook for just 13 unlucky minutes and presto you have an omelet. They were almost as good as the chicken lobsters that pot was designed for!

Exiting 20 coaches were many new faces. We tried to make them feel welcome and hope they will return as friends. Speaking of new, there were several new coaches there. Born Frees have come a long way and should appeal to anyone interested in automation. From awnings, to bunks, to shades to mood lighting, all are switch activated; the electrical panel looks like the cockpit of a B52. We are almost at the point where an on board electrician is a must. One thing for sure, full body paint is in.

As the say at the Antique Road Show, we didn't find any buried treasure, but we had a ball.

George Boley, Reporting from the Treasure Coast

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