2013 Wakins Glen Rally Recap

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2013 Wakins Glen Rally Recap

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                                             2013 WATKINS GLEN NEW YORK RALLY - August 26-30, 2013

                                                             Hosts: Charlie and Helen Hathaway

Behold the spectacular Finger Lakes Region of New York, site of this Born Free Watkins Glen Rally. Against this glorious backdrop, twenty Born Free coaches convened for a week of hiking, exploration and fellowship. Skillfully organized by our hosts, Charlie and Helen Hathaway, we gathered for a get-acquainted wine social featuring excellent local wine, followed by a first-rate pot-luck supper.

Each morning we were greeted with freshly brewed coffee and donuts, thanks to coffee master Bruce Gregory and donut man Charlie.

Early Tuesday morning, we coach pooled to the renowned Glenn Curtis Museum for a fascinating history of this aviation pioneer. A mechanical genius, Glenn Curtis left a legacy of inventions of bicycles, motorcycles, airplane design and wartime aircraft. Leaving this aviation treasure trove, our coaches wended their way to Bully Hill Vineyards, where we enjoyed an outstanding luncheon, followed by a guided tour of the vineyard that was highly informative and at times, hilarious. The distinctive name of "Bully"

Nick and Dee Dee McClain also have a portfolio of 171 photos taken at this rally. You can access these photos by clicking on the following website link: http://www.nd.themcclainfam.com. Then when asked, use the following password to access the photos: llrv. Then click on the photo on the right side above the identification text - 2013 Watkins Glen Rally - BF Leap' Lion. You will then be able to click on and view each of 171 photos posted there.
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