2012 San Luis Obispo Autumn Rally

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2012 San Luis Obispo Autumn Rally

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West Coast Born Free Leap'n Lions Rally hosted by Bob and Carol Newby

The Leap'n Lions Born Free West Coast Rally, Autumn 2012, took place from September 10th through the 15th. Attending were 14 coaches, 24 members, 10 dogs and four cats. Thanks once again to super planning and welcoming hosts Bob and Carol Newby, the group met near San Luis Obispo at the el Chorro Regional Campground, Highway One, 29901 Creek Road, at the traditional "Chumash Loop". (35°16'27 North 120°39'47 West 35.274305 -120.663192, for those who like specifics). Bret and Shari Datke, our regional VPs, were gracious and informative as usual, sharing tips and helping out wherever needed.

Let the good times begin! Starting with meeting old and new Leap'n Lions friends exchanging good and not so good, important and not so important but exciting tidbits, the customary social time of four o'clock in the afternoon found us breaking bread, sharing hors d'oeuvres, a glass of wine or two, updates on Born Free, and continued pleasant conversation... plus the occasional joke, of course.

On a more somber note, since our get-together overlapped the date of September 11th we took time out to observe a moment of silence to honor those who were lost in the attacks and the aftermath. We had two beautiful US flags in our midsts, adding to the feelings of the occasion.

Tuesday and Friday dinners were excellently catered by Darrel and friend (Darrel retired from the County Parks Department about a year ago. He was in charge of several County Parks and does BBQing for friends now then and charges only what it costs, but undoubtedly adds some of his favorite extras!) What a treat, both in food and their company! Some of you remember Darrel as he has been part of our LL rallies in SLO Since 2007.

The superb Clam Chowder dinner by the Collin's family owned restaurant the "Splash Cafe" in Pismo Beach was served on Wednesday by the head chef in person, once again part of the LL tradition.

A special dessert of homemade ice cream was prepared by Joanne and Erlaine Leadbetter, and much appreciated by all.

After dinners, about at dusk, were the gatherings around the campfire. The wood was happily donated by LL members. Only Monday (heavy hors d'oeuvres night) and Thursday dinners were not catered, but on Thursday most of us attended either the famous SLO Farmers' Market which boasts great street food, or the dinner-show at "The Great American Melodrama in Oceano". What a tough life...

Day time was spent with hiking, biking, touring, and relaxing. Dogs, too, got to explore the grounds including the great dog park. But the show was stolen by "Jerry the Cat" all dressed up and paraded in his pet carrier. What a sight! (See bottom photo below)

Some of the members brought their Toads and with no hesitation and and much generosity invited those without to join daily outings. San Luis Obispo's Wine Country, Botanical Gardens, Famous Farmer's Market, Firestone local Beer Brewery, Baileyana Winery, the historic Mission and up and down the coast from Avila, Cambria to San Simon, and as far as to the Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas Beach, as well as Pismo Beach. For those who are interested you can watch a life web cam at www.elephantseal.org (what a sight). The list goes
on and on!

Then there was the trip to the California Native Plants Nursery, Las Pilitas north of San Luis Obispo in the Foothills above Santa Margarita. If you are into native plants this is the place: what a selection they have! For those who live in Southern California, they do have a second nursery near Escondido. If interested look at their web page: www.laspilitas.com.

Not to forget, Bob Newby invited the fellows to a Men only RAMS once a week coffee at the Madonna Inn. No, not the St Louis Rams. i.e. the Retired Active Mens Group. In the "What they can do, we can do too" mode, there was a Mary Kay facial "get together" provided by Shari Datke, Women only of course!

Yes, and then there is the couple who phoned Bob on Friday to add themselves to the rally, mind you they did not have their coach delivered until next day Saturday. Come Monday here they were at el Chorro Campground, true to form in the Leap'n Lions

Born Free sent to all attending members a two-in-one mug tumbler and and a packet with all the exciting info on the new coaches "The Ultimate Touring Vehicle" Many thanks!

Saturday we broke camp, some going onward, some home and some staying on. Once again another great time and camaraderie with promises, we must do this again, good bye's, safe trip and on the road we went.

One more thought to add: Bob and Carol Newby not only celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary in December, they have been rving just as long. What an encouragement for the rest of us, no doubt, we can not catch up with them, however, what an inspiration it is...

A big hug and thank you all!

Submitted by Eveline Lyman

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Jerry the Cat
Jerry the Cat
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Hosts Bob and Carol Newby
Hosts Bob and Carol Newby
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Group Photo
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