2012 FMCA SEA Brooksville, Florida Rally Recap

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2012 FMCA SEA Brooksville, Florida Rally Recap

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2012 FMCA SEA Brooksville, Florida Rally Recap

Hosts: Eric and Sue-Ann Sandstrom

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012 39 Born Free members attended the 31st annual FMCA Southeast Area Rally held in Brooksville, FL. Unlike most Born Free Leap'n Lion Rallies that start after the coaches are parked safely at their campsites, the Brooksville FMCA SEA Rally begins in the parking lot of the Publix Market located at the intersection of Routes 50 and 41 in Florida. This is where we gather before caravanning to the Brooksville Airport where the rally is held. However, it is in the Public Market parking lot that the rally actually starts with hugs and handshakes as old acquaintances are renewed and new friendships are established.

This rally which historically has been hosted by Logan and Andie Mathis was hosted by our Southeast Vice President Eric Sandstrom and Sue-Ann Sandstrom. Eric and Sue-Ann, who only a month ago hosted the Tampa RV Supershow Rally, offered to host this rally because Logan and Andie could not attend due to a medical issue that needed attention.

After caravanning to the airport and parking our coaches together on a runway (not in service), we relaxed, continue to reminisce and prepare for the "pulled pork" and Pot Luck dinner that everyone looks forward to each year. As usual, it was wonderful.

Wednesday was the official start of the FMCA South East Area (SEA) Rally. This is an amazing gathering of hundreds of Class A, Class B and Class C coaches from around the country sponsored by FMCA Chapters from four states in the Southeast Area.

This rally, of which the Born Free Leap’n Lions is a subset, is complete with motorhome displays and dealers, supply and food vendors, great entertainment, and very informative seminars. Logan and Andie Mathis have been offering this rally for many years. The SEA Chapters allow non-FMCA members to attend, thus providing a unique venue for the Leap’n Lions members. This concept may well be worthwhile exploring for other Leap’n Lions considering offering rallies in their area.

Needless to say, all rally participants had an enjoyable and informative experience.


Submitted by: Bob Markarian

Please click on the link below to view a picture slide show of the rally. This picture show was prepared by club member Joel Lefkowitz

https://picasaweb.google.com/1001890014 ... directlink

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