2010 Newfoundland's Twillingate Village Rally Recap

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2010 Newfoundland's Twillingate Village Rally Recap

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August 18 – 22, 2010

Those of us who have become accustomed to the organization and excitement of a Boley Rally were not disappointed when we arrived in Twillingate, Newfoundland on August 18th. Peyton Woods Campground, our home base for the rally, is a full service campground operated by caring hosts who ensured our comfort during our time at Twillingate.

Sue and George Boley offered us a smorgasbord of Newfoundland culture, music, scenery and food that will be remembered by all who attended, for a lifetime.

The beauty of Newfoundland is easily observed from anywhere you stand. Beautiful seascapes, rugged mountains and quaint homes, populated by generous and loving people. To ensure we would not miss out on the music and food of the Province, Sue and George treated us to two traditional Newfoundland dinners complete with entertainment. The entertainment was pleasant to the ears and the food delicious to the palate. Those of us who enjoy the delicacy of fresh fish, were in heaven on this island Province.

In addition to dinners and entertainment, the Leap'n Lions boarded a boat for a whale watch and enjoyed a visit to the Prime Berth Fishing Museum where we learned about the early cod fishing industry in Newfoundland.

No description of the rally is complete without the mention of the Split Peas Singers. This group of women perform traditional Newfoundland music that stirs the soul. They are a favorite of anyone who has ever experienced their music.

It goes without saying that all participants had a wonderful time.

By Winnie and Bob Markarian

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