2010 North Central Rock and Roll Rally Recap

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2010 North Central Rock and Roll Rally Recap

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North Central Rock & Roll Rally Recap

Eight coaches, sixteen energetic, adventurous folks met at Streetsboro, Ohio at the KOA near Cleveland, Ohio.

On Monday evening we gathered at the outdoor picnic area for shredded chicken sandwiches and delicious salads, drinks and dessert. Each coach provided a shared item for the table. At the closing of the day we formed a circle around a colorful bonfire. Ron Bash had purchased colored tablets which provided an array of beautiful colors of red, blue, green and orange. We shared adventuresome stories about our travels.

Tuesday started out with delicious Dunkin Donuts and at 8:30 a.m. we got into four cars and headed for “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fameâ€
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