2009 Mexico Yucatan Caravan Recap Poem

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2009 Mexico Yucatan Caravan Recap Poem

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45 days on the L 'n L Yucatan Caravan

45 days saying "Oh, yes, indeed we all can"

Traveled Gulf, mountains, bays and the Yucatan

Veracruz, Tampico, Isla Aguda, Campeche

Merida, Cancun, Chetumal, Hermosa, Palenque

The Isthmus to the Pacific, Oaxaca, Mexico City

Guanajuato, San Miguel, Puebla oh so pretty

3800 miles, many stops, so many friendly faces

Tiny quaint hamlets to big city places

We now luxuriate north of the Rio Grande

Our sojourn thru Mexico ever so grand

We are all back in the US safe and sound

With stories of laughter and meals abound

Food was most tasty - the meat most tough

Seafood and Camaron - could not get enough

Waiters all smiled as we practiced our Spanglish

Food some picante never let taste buds languish

Weather was NOT rainy hot or steaming

Days sunny and warm, eves perfect for dreaming

Local citrus, mango, pina, papaya, roadside stands

Served whole, cut-up, juiced & bagged, flavor grand

Vino, mescal, tequila, margaritas, cervesas

XX's, Corona, Modello & limes as chasers

Ate on the streets, cafes, halls and beaches

Ere, but once did Montezuma ever reach us

Pollo, caballo, cabrito and burro so many places

Senor, Senora, Senorita, ninos, such happy faces

Swam and snorkeled many beaches so beautiful

Shopped 'til we dropped for crafts so plentiful

Toltec, Mayan, Aztec, then Spaniards

Cities and temples more beautiful than pyramids

Religious men of God truely did their duty

Taught all Mexico the 'new Catholic diety'

Monuments, memorials, churches tremendous

Carvings, frescos, paintings, gold so splendous

'Fantasy staff' cautioned us never to wander

There were thousands of topes to encounter

Toured weavers, carvers, pottery, distillers

So much to do it could give you the willers

Tour guides were smart, helpful and happy

Electric and campgrounds ran great to crappie

Where eons ago the Indian life began

We may never return to the Yucatan

Regardless how they say Mexico is bad

We'll never regret the fun we had

Drove our 'Lions' ore jungle, mountain and dale

With hardly a glitch on every travail

Leap 'n Lions we'll a long time be

Remember our mantra is BORN FREE!

Dick Dittmer
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