2008 Born Free Oakhurst, CA Rally

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2008 Born Free Oakhurst, CA Rally

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Monday October 6th

The Rally started off with a beautiful day with warm temperatures and our use of the" brand new club house" at the RV Park. After all14 Born Free coaches had arrived, Bob Newby, the Southwest Club VP gave a warm welcome to the 26 people in attendance.

Bob introduced Joanne Ledbetter and Erlaine Gregory who were the co-hosts for the rally.

Joanne and Erlaine greeted everyone with smiles and lots of fruit from the San Joaquin Valley and went over the schedule for the rally. We then shared plenty of freshly prepared hors d'oeuvres and planned the caravan to Yosemite Valley for Tuesday.

Tuesday October 7th

We got an early start for Yosemite Valley and lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel. After lunch we all gathered on the lawn behind the hotel for a group picture. Then we went to Curry Village only to be greeted by a large rockslide that you may have heard about on the news. Needless to say we couldn't go into the buildings there as everyone was evacuated for fear that more rocks would come down. The next morning more rocks did come down and 5 cabins were destroyed. That afternoon we went to Glacier Point to see it as the sun went down- a great sight. While there the ranger said that the rocks came from there. I believe she said that it was equal to 180 trucks of large rocks.

Wednesday October 8th

The day started out with a continental breakfast with lots of food and fruit. This was the day to ride the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. When we arrived they were getting the steam engine ready and we could watch as they went thru the" start-up" procedures. When the engine was ready and the passenger cars attached we boarded for a very interesting ride through the forest. The afternoon was spent looking over the area attractions. At fellowship time that evening we had more hors d'oeuvres followed by a four meat B-B-Q furnished by the hosts. There was so much food left over that we used it the next night at the potluck dinner. After dinner Bill Hemme, the club’s web master, gave a very complete run-down on the clubs web site and how it works. Bill answered many good questions and made us feel good about using the clubs web site. Thanks Bill for coming all the way from Iowa with Marilyn to attend the rally and put on the seminar.

Thursday October 9th

Our hosts contacted the local Lions Club and had them come to the RV Park and put on a great breakfast for us. We had all you could eat juice, coffee, pancakes, sausages and eggs. They did a great job and did it with a smile as they served us. After breakfast we had a free day and some went back to Yosemite Valley or other points of interest in and around Yosemite. In late afternoon we started the" bean bag" game and finished it after dinner. It is a fun game with a team being two people. The 2nd runner-up was the team of Bonnie Brenneman and Bill Frank, 1st runner-up was the team of Jim Hofmann and Cheryl Baxter. The grand winner was Carl Brenneman and his partner who will go unnamed. The potluck dinner was a big success with more food than we could eat!

Friday October 10th

It is always sad when a rally has to come to an end. Our hosts put on a top-notch continental breakfast followed by good-bys. We thank our hosts for a tremendous Rally – THANKS Joanne and Erlaine.

Submitted by Bob Newby

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Yosemite Rally Group Photo Taken Near the Ahwahnee Hotel
Yosemite Rally Group Photo Taken Near the Ahwahnee Hotel
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