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Rallies, Rolling Rallies and Caravans are the main events by which our Club promotes travel, entertainment and camaraderie for our members. These events are what builds friendships which become part of the bond that holds the Club together and gives it purpose. They are also great opportunities to see different areas of our country and to learn about these areas and the people who live and work there. And it's not just the rallies that are enriching opportunities, it's the journey there and back.

The Club offers several rallies each year and periodic caravans. Members may attend as many events as they wish, pending availability. A Club member from any region may attend a rally or caravan in any of the other regions. You must be a member in good standing of the Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club in order to register for and attend any of the club-sponsored rallies or caravans.

The Club sponsors three different types of events:

Information about these events may be found by clicking the Upcoming Rallies & Events button. For an overview of the many rallies and caravans the club has held over the years, click the Rally Recaps button.

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