2018 Gettysburg Battlefield Rally Recap
Sep 28-Oct 2, 2018

Dates: Sep 28-Oct 2, 2018
Location: Gettysburg Campground
2030 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Hosts: Helen and Larry Hornbake

The Gettysburg, PA, area is both historic and beautiful. We thank our hosts, Helen and Larry Hornbake, for their planning and scheduling this rally so that we (20 coaches) could experience the beauty and history of this area.

Our enthusiastic history buff guide clearly and expertly explained battlefield tactics during our bus tour of the field and monuments. We then visited the Military Park Museum and Cyclorama where the experiences of soldiers during the battle was vividly presented. Next we visited the Seminary Ridge Museum which some think was the highlight of the rally. Depicted here with much realism is the role of local women and children caring for the wounded.

Tour of Gettysburg National Military Park

Tour of Seminary Ridge Museum

The beauty of this area was highlighted by the rolling hills and acreage at the Eisenhower Farm and from the far-reaching, elevated views at the Hauser Estate Winery where the cider was tasty as well.

The "Oh-Hell" card game marathon continued on from the Spring Ohio Rally. Jim Birdsell's self-proclaimed title of expert (perfect hands at Ohio) became very tarnished at Gettysburg. He'll try harder next time.

Thank you, Helen and Larry, for the camaraderie, fun, food and knowledge we experienced.

Group Picture at Gettysburg Campground

Submitted by Gary Gulbranson.