FMCA-Brooksville,FL Get-Together Recap
February 1-5, 2005

Dates: February 1-5, 2005
Hosts: Logan and Andie Mathis

We met outside the Brooksville Airport at the designated spot and caravanned in together. Everyone showed up on time and ready to go. Max Van Kirk did his usual great job and got us parked in a super spot for the rally. We had twenty Born Free coaches lined up together and it made a very impressive sight. There were twenty-three Born Free coaches total at the rally.

Tuesday evening was a great ice breaker with Jim Downing supplying the pork loin and all the attendees putting together a feast fit for the special group which got together. Jim also supplied some door prizes that went over very well. Every coach got something.

We had a number of first timers who hopefully we made feel very welcome to the group. Every afternoon we got together for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. The selection ran from shrimp to nuts and a little bit of everything else.

Thursday was another evening for a cookout, with everyone supplying their own meat and a dish to share. Cindy and Henry Menard supplied the grill and cooking expertise.

The FMCA rally was impressive as usual. The days were full of informative seminars on just about any topic relative to the motorhome style of life, and every evening culminated with very professional entertainment in the big tent. We were blessed with good weather and good company, exchanged much information on making our units better, and had to go our separate ways much too soon. We hope to repeat the event next year!