Quartzite Rally Recap
January 21-24, 2005

Dates: January 21-24, 2005
Hosts: Jeff and Linda Jahraus

Traveling to Quartzite, Arizona is a one-of-a-kind trip. It doesn't matter if you have been there before; each year is different and fun.

This year's rally brought back previous Born Freers and a cast of newbees. Twenty-six Born Free coaches with fifty-one Born Freers arrived from as far away as Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin and beyond. We had Mike from Born Free in Carson City with his brand new Built for Two. Also appearing on the scene were a few possible buyers.

Friday night's hors d'oeuvres spread was amazing. Who would need dinner after all that food? By Saturday morning we were all ready for breakfast. Jeff cooked up scrumptious pancakes and sausages for the whole gang. He was helped out in the "kitchen" by Linda, his wife, and Linda Williams of Yorba Linda

Saturday many went off to the RV show, the swap meet, or the book store. So many came back with treasures and photos. Saturday night Jeff brought out the chili and cornbread with Barb Garner whipping up a tremendous green salad. Even some impromptu s'mores were available to those who stayed up late.

If you haven't been to Quartzite, consider it a trip for next year. If you have been before, come back! We will be waiting for you.