Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club

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The Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club, founded in 1999, is a brand-specific RV Club open to Born Free Motorcoach owners and former owners. If you are, or become, a Born Free owner, we invite you to join the Born Free Leap'n Lions RV club.

Joining the Leap'n Lions RV Club offers these benefits:

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The Club is an all-volunteer organization. Members can volunteer to plan, host or just help out at a rally, become a Club officer, or contribute to the knowledge on the forum. Every member plays a role in making this Club what it is today.

You will need a password to explore the options under the Members button. Please note that the login credentials for the Members topics are not the same as those used for the Leap'n Lions Club Info & Discussion Forum.

In 2018, an independent social page on Facebook called BORN FREE RV HAPPY CAMPERS was created by Sharen Heath. The page is managed by Sharen along with Jim Schrankle, both members of the Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club. The Facebook page welcomes both BORN FREE owners and hopeful owners for informal chat, informative tips, trip images, and sharing roadtrip yarns and stories around a virtual campfire. Click here to visit the BORN FREE RV Happy Campers USA

Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club