Born Free Models and Floorplans

If you're new to Born Free motorcoaches, you might be a bit mystified by some of the model designations. This page, and the ones linked to it, are intended to help you understand what everyone's talking about.

Below are three tables. The first two show the basic models. The models are grouped by year of manufacture. Each model name is a link to a page with floorplans for the variations of the basic models.

For each model, there are usually several variations. These are shown in the third table.

The images on the linked pages were taken from Born Free Sales Literature that was released from year to year. The Club doesn't have a complete set and some of our copies didn't scan very well. If you have a sales flyer or brochure from a year that isn't represented, or that might produce a better scan, please email the Website Administrator

Basic Models

1980's - 2014

Model Description Lengths   Model Description Lengths
B&BBed and Breakfast21'   RLRear Lounge26'
BFTBuilt for Two22', 23'   RQRear Queen32'
CBCenter Bath26'   RSBRear Side Bed24', 25', 26', 27', 28', 29'
RBRear Bath21', 24', 25', 26', 27'   RSKRear Side Kitchen20', 22', 23'
RDRear Door21', 22'   RSTBRear Side Twin Bed24', 26'
RDBRear Double Bed26'   RSQRear Side Queen30'
RIBRear Island Bed26', 32'   RTBRear Twin Bed26', 32'
RKRear Kitchen23', 24'


Model Lengths
Freedom / Royal Freedom24' / 27'
Spirit / Royal Spirit25' / 28'
Triumph / Royal Triumph25' / 28'
Splendor / Royal Splendor27' / 30'
Royal Majestic32'
Royal Imperial34'

Model Variations

Variation Description
CBCenter Bath
FLFront Lounge
RBRear Bath
RIBRear Island Bed
RKRear Kitchen
RQRear Queen
RSBRear Side Bed
RSKRear Side Kitchen
RTBRear Twin Bed
SBSplit Bath
TBTwin Bed
WBWet Bath
FSEFront Side Entry
RSERear Side Entry