Motorcoach Sales Graphs

Buying or selling a Born Free Motorcoach? What's a reasonable price? What's the typical mileage for the coach? Are coach prices likely to go up or down in the future?

Click on any of the links to see graphs of Born Free Motorcoach sales data to help you answer these questions!

Sale Price vs. Mileage

Sale Price vs. Coach Year

Mileage vs. Coach Year

Sale Price vs. Year of Sale

Click on this link to download a *.csv file of Born Free Motorcoach sales data: Sales Data Spreadsheet Download

Coach Sales Data Submission

If you recently bought or sold a Born Free Motorcoach, please share data about your sale with us so that we may include it on these graphs. (No identifying information will ever be published!)

Please fill out as many fields as you can. The greater Born Free community greatly appreciates this information.

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